Get Google+Facebook, download malware and a gimmick all in one click

Browsing through my Google Plus feed today, I noticed a post about a Google + Facebook add-on that incorporates your Facebook feed into your Google Plus feed. Sound too good to be true? Yep, sure is.

On Reddit, a social news website, a user called RougeDarkJedi discusses the add-on and notes it “acts like malware and the service is a security vulnerability waiting to happen.” For example, the add-on can go through emails and attach a signature to try and get your friends to install the add-on. Biggest issue with the Google+Facebook scam is undoubtedly the privacy issues.

CEO and co-founder of Crossrider (the developer of Google+Facebook), Koby Menachemi, claims this is just a misunderstanding. Here’s a screenshot of what they claim it will look like.


But the overwhelming response from those who have unfortunately installed the add-on and those who have researched it shows it probably is a deceptive program.

Best idea is to keep away!