Front Pages

  • Newseum: 800 front pages updated daily. In other words, you can find the front pages of quite a few newspapers throughout the United States.
  • Press Display: A great source for front pages, news and pictures from all over the world. You can subscribe for free to get the front pages of 1,700 newspapers around the world or pay a fee ($0.99) for a complete newspaper or a monthly fee ($29.95) for unlimited access to current newspapers.

Online Journalism

  • Charles Apple at The Visual Side of Journalism: His blog is updated frequently and includes news as well as thoughtful blogs about newspaper design.
  • Matt French at News Designs: Great posts on newspaper design trends, nameplates, front pages and much more.
  • Ron Reason at Design with Reason: An experienced designer with a hodge podge of posts about design, news and current issues.
  • Allan Mutter at Newsosaur: He gives in-depth coverage on the news of the industry (at least that’s what I got from his blog) and provides some thought provoking content.


  • News Page Designer through SND: Joining is free. You can upload your own page designs for comments (haven’t done that yet but I hope to) and see other designs. Appropriately, there are a lot more front page designs on this site.
  • Society for News Design: A large “society” (does require a subscription fee)  that has a wide variety of resources for designers of all kinds. They have a section with posts on newspapers.  And a section on design that I looked through.
  • Visual Editors: Claims to contain over 18,000 page uploads. Many of the pages are not newspapers but I had fun browsing the designs. There is also a nice international flavor. Here’s an example.

Miscellaneous Resources

  • Harold Evans: An article from 2008 on the need for good design AND good content
  • Journalism – Pew Research Center’s Project for Excellence in Journalism: This is on here because it has some nice statistics about and for journalists.

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