Close Call: Kentucky Tornadoes

A dramatic edit of the sky outside the Glide-Crawford dorm.

Students congregate in the student center at the end of the storm.

Near the end of the storm.

Asbury students take advantage of the warmer weather by playing in the puddles in front of the student center.

The sky turned green and orange at the end of the day.


Asbury USO show in black and white

The USO show this past Saturday presented a perfect opportunity to take a few pictures. I strolled around during the event, ate donuts and pestered my roommate (she’s the pianist in the jazz band). For those who aren’t yet familiar with Asbury’s new Miller Communication Arts Center, this is the lower level between the studio and the theater. It was the perfect place to have the event! Enjoy the pictures.


Taking pictures of Keeneland

Newspaper design has been great, but I’m ready to talk about something else now — something like photography. While I still plan on discussing newspaper design on occasion, I feel like it’s time for me to move in a different direction with this blog.

My experiences at Keeneland

I’ll start with a quick post about an event I covered last semester that ended up being published in the Asbury Collegian. Keeneland is a unique tradition here in Kentucky, so it was with much excitement I attended the horse race with several friends. Admission for the general seating was only $5, and I was happily surprised to find we could get extremely close to the track.

Adjusting to all of the high-class tailgaters was probably the most interesting aspect of the day. Imagine, if you will, women in four-inch heals walking around a lawn with beer and cocktail dresses. At one point we even saw a 20 minute line of fancy, and rather drunk, women waiting outside a porta potty. I just wish I had a picture of it!

Photo by Riah Lawry

Judges’ comments on 2011 KIPA contest submissions

Asbury and Kentucky universities learn from success

Kentucky university and colleges will awardsKentucky university and college students don’t have to wonder why their work succeeded at the  Kentucky Intercollegiate Press Association Contest in 2011. Comments from the judges are posted on the KIPA WordPress so you can check it out for yourself.

This may seem a little late to post the results of the KIPA contest but I have a feeling not many of the Asbury University winners got to see the feedback provided by KIPA. Personally, I think it’s really nice to catch a glimpse of why the stories, photos or layouts were selected.

KIPA awards presented to Asbury students

First Place:

Brownrygg Woolls – News Photo

Rebecca Baker – Sports Photo

Tyler, Rebecca, Zack – Photo Essay

Staff – Website Home Page

Staff – Overall Website

Anna Leon – Feature Headline

Staff- Sports Headline

Jordan Crouse – Sports News Story

Jordan Crouse – Sports Feature

Brison Harvey – Sports Column

Tyler Hoff – Front Page Layout

Laura Laffoon – Sports Page Layout

Zack Klemme – Analyses and Special Reports

Second Place:

Brownrygg Woolls – Feature Photo

Zack Wilson – Sports Photo

Ian McAfee – Informational Graphic

Tyler Hoff – News Photo

Staff – Sports Page Layout

Anna Giaritelli – News Story

Whitney Ward – Continuing News

Zack Klemme – Analyses and Special Reports

Riah Lawry – Personality Profile

Sarah Abiro – Sports Feature

Brittany Howard – Sports News Story

Brittany Howard – Sports Game Story

Laura Laffoon – Sports Headline

Third Place:

Ian McAfee – Comic Strip

Anna Leon – News Photo

Will Houp – Analyses and Special Reports

Anna Leon – Personality Profile

Staff – Continuing News

Kenton Sena – Sports Game Story

Kenton Sena – Sports Headline

Ben Joubert – Feature Headline

Leah Girard – News Headline

Tyler Hoff – Sports Photo

Eric Shelton – Feature Photo

Honorable Mention:

Leah Girard – Analyses and Special Reports

Zack Klemme – Continuing News

Joey Nunez – Feature Photo

Get Google+Facebook, download malware and a gimmick all in one click

Browsing through my Google Plus feed today, I noticed a post about a Google + Facebook add-on that incorporates your Facebook feed into your Google Plus feed. Sound too good to be true? Yep, sure is.

On Reddit, a social news website, a user called RougeDarkJedi discusses the add-on and notes it “acts like malware and the service is a security vulnerability waiting to happen.” For example, the add-on can go through emails and attach a signature to try and get your friends to install the add-on. Biggest issue with the Google+Facebook scam is undoubtedly the privacy issues.

CEO and co-founder of Crossrider (the developer of Google+Facebook), Koby Menachemi, claims this is just a misunderstanding. Here’s a screenshot of what they claim it will look like.


But the overwhelming response from those who have unfortunately installed the add-on and those who have researched it shows it probably is a deceptive program.

Best idea is to keep away!


Buy Google Plus on eBay or wait to be invited by a friend

It’s an interesting thought — Facebook no longer ruling the world. In some ways it’s hard to grasp considering how long Facebook has been around. Most of us grew up with the blue-faced social media site.

The latest and greatest Google Plus

But now there is a new social media site out to challenge the giant. It is, not surprisingly, from Google and called Google Plus. From what I’ve read, it looks like a brand new approach to social media from a search engine giant that is out to conquer the beast; in the process Google may even change the very way we find and optimize sites for the web.

While it feels too early to know what kind of impact this will actually have, I’m not ready to underestimate Google. They’ve put a lot of work into this, and apparently it is quite different from Buzz and other failed attempts at social media by google.

For those who want to get Google plus (also referred to as Google+), you’ll have to either know someone who can invite you or be one of the extremely luck ones who was invited by Google. Due to the popularity of this new test social site, those invites are really hard to find. If you’re willing to pay a little money, there are several hundred eBay sellers claiming they can get you in — for a small fee, of course.

In the meantime, enjoy Facebook. Theres no telling how much longer it will rule the world. And if you have an extra invite to Google Plus, I’m definitely looking to try it out for myself.

Note: I don’t think it’s a good idea to go and buy an invite from anyone. Google is opening and closing the window of opportunity at their discretion. So even if someone sends you an invite, it may not work unless the window is open. There’s no telling when Google Plus users will be able to invite more people, but as of a few minutes ago, it still wasn’t possible. Guess I’ll just have to keep waiting and hoping.

A new summer, a new theme

What’s next? I’ve been thinking about that question a lot in the past few weeks. I began The Collegiate Angle as an assignment for my Newsgathering class this past spring, and it has turned out to be an incredible learning experience in many ways. My class is over, though. But I don’t view this as the end. I put in a lot of work and in the process I’ve found I truly enjoy blogging about my interests in journalism and design. So I view this summer a new beginning with a theme of its own.

For the past few months, I have focused on broadsheet design and how newspapers and college newspapers approach their front page layout. I found this worked out well since the Asbury Collegian is broadsheet and that was my particular interest. It still is of great interest to me, but I’m moving in a different area of research now.

The Asbury Collegian is going through a redesign this summer, and, while I won’t ruin the surprise for my college friends, my posts will be geared toward tips on how to do redesigns and my new interest in tabloid design. I may also add a few posts here and there about fascinating designers and newspapers.

I’d also like to give a shout-out to my professor who taught the Newsgathering class, Prof. Wheeler. If you haven’t already read his insightful article on SEO (search engine optimization) and how it is affecting witty headlines published in The Atlantic, I highly recommend it. You can check out his blog, The Deadline Diaries.