About Riah

Fall 2011

Once again, it is time to give a brief update. I had an incredible summer working for a company called Red Ventures as a web copywriter where I learned many things, including the importance of SEO and the unprecedented need for quality content. That’s another post for another day, though. Right now I am back at Asbury University continuing my studies in journalism and media communication.

My new role at the Asbury Collegian, our student newspaper, as Managing Editor has given me the opportunity to step back and evaluate the way our student newspaper operates. My research led me in the direction of the Maestro Concept, which I am continuing to explore with the help of the Collegian staff and Buck Ryan.

I am also focusing this semester on ushering in a new personality for our student newspaper. This has come in the form of a completely redesigned newspaper and a brand new website. It has been quite an experience and I’ll be posting more about our work as the semester goes on.

While I expect my junior year to be incredibly full, I am excited to continue this blog and build on what I learn in classes and first-hand experience at the Asbury Collegian. So stay tuned for more! It’s going to be an awesome year.

Summer 2011

I figured it was about time to update this section a little since I’m no longer the news editor at Asbury or taking the blogging class (this blog originated from an assignment in that class). Currently I am a web copywriter at a local marketing company. So if you find my posts are not as regular as they used to, forgive me. Writing eight hours a day can be draining. =)

My new role at the Asbury Collegian as managing editor means I’m working with the newspaper staff to redesign our newspaper and plan for this upcoming fall. It’s a beast, but when we’ve done our magic, she will be a beauty! I am confident of that.

And last of all, this blog is no longer a class assignment; it’s a hobby I nurture when I can. When I step back and think about it, with The Collegiate Angle I get to combine two of the things I enjoy the most, writing and graphic design. What an ideal situation!

Ah, and there’s one more thing I must add. My roommate this past semester turned me into a Trekkie. So if you start noticing vague hints about Star Trek, do not be alarmed. It may have caused permanent damage to my humor, but I am still very sane.

Spring 2011

Who am I? I am a newspaper layout designer, journalist, blogger and news editor of the Asbury Collegian in Kentucky.

I am also a student majoring in media communications and journalism at Asbury University. Overall, life is good and I am enjoying my undergraduate experience.

I became enthralled by newspaper design last year when I began designing the front page of the Asbury Collegian. It’s a weekly paper so I make use of the time between issues to research newspaper designs and apply what I learn as I go. There are many layouts I am not proud of but live, learn and move on. That has proved to be the best approach.  Otherwise, I tend to agonize over mistakes and things I could have done better.

But that doesn’t mean I’m satisfied making the same designs over and over again. I research so I can identify good design and build it into my pages. This blog is a way I am documenting that research, and I hope it will be helpful to you too. Please feel free to write me if you disagree or think a certain aspect is missing.

Enjoy the blog and take care! – Riah


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