Taking pictures of Keeneland

Newspaper design has been great, but I’m ready to talk about something else now — something like photography. While I still plan on discussing newspaper design on occasion, I feel like it’s time for me to move in a different direction with this blog.

My experiences at Keeneland

I’ll start with a quick post about an event I covered last semester that ended up being published in the Asbury Collegian. Keeneland is a unique tradition here in Kentucky, so it was with much excitement I attended the horse race with several friends. Admission for the general seating was only $5, and I was happily surprised to find we could get extremely close to the track.

Adjusting to all of the high-class tailgaters was probably the most interesting aspect of the day. Imagine, if you will, women in four-inch heals walking around a lawn with beer and cocktail dresses. At one point we even saw a 20 minute line of fancy, and rather drunk, women waiting outside a porta potty. I just wish I had a picture of it!

Photo by Riah Lawry


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