Judges’ comments on 2011 KIPA contest submissions

Asbury and Kentucky universities learn from success

Kentucky university and colleges will awardsKentucky university and college students don’t have to wonder why their work succeeded at the  Kentucky Intercollegiate Press Association Contest in 2011. Comments from the judges are posted on the KIPA WordPress so you can check it out for yourself.

This may seem a little late to post the results of the KIPA contest but I have a feeling not many of the Asbury University winners got to see the feedback provided by KIPA. Personally, I think it’s really nice to catch a glimpse of why the stories, photos or layouts were selected.

KIPA awards presented to Asbury students

First Place:

Brownrygg Woolls – News Photo

Rebecca Baker – Sports Photo

Tyler, Rebecca, Zack – Photo Essay

Staff – Website Home Page

Staff – Overall Website

Anna Leon – Feature Headline

Staff- Sports Headline

Jordan Crouse – Sports News Story

Jordan Crouse – Sports Feature

Brison Harvey – Sports Column

Tyler Hoff – Front Page Layout

Laura Laffoon – Sports Page Layout

Zack Klemme – Analyses and Special Reports

Second Place:

Brownrygg Woolls – Feature Photo

Zack Wilson – Sports Photo

Ian McAfee – Informational Graphic

Tyler Hoff – News Photo

Staff – Sports Page Layout

Anna Giaritelli – News Story

Whitney Ward – Continuing News

Zack Klemme – Analyses and Special Reports

Riah Lawry – Personality Profile

Sarah Abiro – Sports Feature

Brittany Howard – Sports News Story

Brittany Howard – Sports Game Story

Laura Laffoon – Sports Headline

Third Place:

Ian McAfee – Comic Strip

Anna Leon – News Photo

Will Houp – Analyses and Special Reports

Anna Leon – Personality Profile

Staff – Continuing News

Kenton Sena – Sports Game Story

Kenton Sena – Sports Headline

Ben Joubert – Feature Headline

Leah Girard – News Headline

Tyler Hoff – Sports Photo

Eric Shelton – Feature Photo

Honorable Mention:

Leah Girard – Analyses and Special Reports

Zack Klemme – Continuing News

Joey Nunez – Feature Photo


2 thoughts on “Judges’ comments on 2011 KIPA contest submissions

    • Oh shoot! That stinks. I noticed a few of the awards didn’t have comments. I wonder why they missed a few. But congrats on the awards. =)

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