Updated Resources

I’ve done some work updating the resources page of this site. As I do more research, I find new people and places to get news on newspapers, design and journalism. I’m interested to know what resources you use or know of. Just shoot me an e-mail or leave a comment if you think my resource page is missing an important site. And yes, you can self promote if it’s a legit site. I’ll still check it out.


Here are a few good posts I came across today:

Matt French’s review of iPad applications. There’s still a lot to be wanted in these applications, but do I see a hint of hope in this platform? =)

Allan Mutter’s post about getting online subscribers to pay for content. He’s got some great background on what has been tried in the past. I’m curious to know how The Daily is doing. This post by Rory-Cellan Jones investigates the iPad and The Daily further.

And Ron Reason covers the ever so popular topic of the future of print and newspaper advertising.



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