College Media Advisers convention in NYC

After 13 hours in the car, a 1 hour train ride and a short taxi ride, I finally arrived with my friends at the Marriott Marquis next to Times Square late last night.

Riah and Erika in Times Square

And no, I’m not just here to gaze at the lights or sit at Starbucks trying to get some free Wifi, I’m here on spring break… to go to class. Now, don’t laugh. I’m not the only one here with academic aspirations. Around 1,200 other college students from around the United States are here at the Marriott attending The College Media Advisers Convention of 2011.

The view from our room in the Marriott during the CMA convention.

Our room in the Marriott overlooks Times Square.

I went to three workshops today, ate at McDonalds and stood in line for hours (it felt like hours) waiting for the Star Trek like elevator to whisk me off to my room or down to another floor.

So far, we’ve managed to appropriately mix some fun into our time here in New York. For instance, the two other students and I from Asbury University went to China Town this evening. We ate dinner (authentic American Chinese food) at one of many restaurants lining the roads and enjoyed an evening stroll across the Manhattan bridge.

Excursion brings us to China Town and this bridge

View from the Manhattan Bridge

But that’s enough about the fun. I’m also  here to learn more about journalism and newspaper design. The first workshop I attended this morning at 9 a.m. focused on the topic of video journalism. Here’s quick overview. I’ll post more about the other workshops later on.

First Workshop at the CMA Convention: Video Journalism

It was a very straight forward/simple workshop.  We went over the basics of what it means to be a video journalists (also called VJs) and briefly discussed the pros and cons of having a VJ on staff at a newspaper. The speaker Marlies Klamt of the Johannes Gutenberg University in Mainz said she doesn’t think a VJ should be taken on necessarily to cut costs – sometimes it doesn’t – but to increase diversity and localization of the content.

At present, I am not a VJ, but I am learning more about shooting and editing video. It’s an important aspect of media and will no doubt come in handy some day.


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