The future of newspapers looks like…magazines?

I admit. I’m addicted to browsing the front pages on Newseum. I cringe, laugh and moan my way through the 15 pages of content. On a good day, it’s smooth sailing with several good designs and a satisfied feeling when I happily post my daily “favorite front page.”

Today, however, that feeling did not accompany me as I went through the steps to upload my favorite. Why? Well, I’ve found that the problem with having a daily favorite front page is the assumption that there will actually be a superb design every day. Today, there was not; rather, I found many that had one or two good elements yet lacked that overall “like” factor (think facebook).

So what’s a girl to do? Well, this young lady looks at magazines. It’s sad to say, but most newspapers are still far behind magazines (ouch) and if they are trying to catch up (it feels like most aren’t), there’s still a long, long way to go.

For example, check out the awesome magazine cover of the day (seen below) from the Society of Publication Designers. The cloud is a beautiful thing…in the literal and “techie” sense. Newspapers have a tendency to overpopulate content on the front. The message here is simple and clear.

There’s another thing I love about magazines: typography! There’s so much more freedom to make text interesting. That doesn’t mean all type needs to look like the examples in Smashing Magazine’s post on bold and experimental typography.

Just a little more creativity would be nice. I found this example on Speckyboy in their post on 32 Inspirational Examples of Amazing Layout and Typography. Yeah, this particular example is a little girly. I suppose the target audience was women. That’s not a bad thing so…continuing on. What does the future of newspapers hold?

It may not look exactly like this. But there are many elements seen in magazines that should and will eventually become incorporated in newspapers: color, condensed content, more graphics and pictures and better typography.

Even Working Mother has a better design than most newspapers (you can check out their new redesign on SPD). What a tragedy! (note: the tragedy is in newspapers not in Working Mother magazine…just a little clarification.)

So I’m just saying, if AARP (see previous post) and Working Mother can design better than over 500 newspapers, we’ve got a problem! But no worries *cough,* there’s always tomorrow. I can still hope.


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