Behind the scenes look at the front page

Background on the page

I’ve already heard from students on campus who love this front page! In my Interactive Media class this afternoon, a classmate mentioned they actually looked over (and possibly read) the Collegian front page this week because it looked so cool. Yeah, I love hearing comments like that.

So why does it look so different from previous pages I’ve designed? Well, after attending Tim Harrower’s workshop this weekend, I was very, very excited to step outside of the little box I’ve been working in and go bigger, bolder and beyond the “rules.” This week was a perfect week to do it, too.

My friend Erika and I met Monday night and began brainstorming how we wanted the page to look. Because the big event of this week is the dedication of the newest building on Asbury’s campus, I decided to go for a themed front page. We didn’t have an article about the whole dedication but there were several articles on some of the specific events planned for the weekend.

It has never been done before

According to the Collegian Adviser, we did something this week that has never been done before.  Can you guess? It’s the picture behind the masthead. I removed the teasers and campus pulse in order to run this picture big and completely dominant above the fold. Personally, I love it when newspapers drop the top teasers and fill the entire space with a gorgeous picture. It has been my goal this semester to try this on our front page and this week seemed the most appropriate time to go for it. And I LOVE it! =)

Puzzling lines

Honestly, the hardest part of the design was deciding where to begin the lines encompassing the stories. Our photo editor, Tyler Hoff, pointed out that the picture and stories felt compartmentalized when the lines curved in at the top and bottom. Eventually, we settled on this.

Colored boxes

Another point I carefully considered is the colored boxes behind the top story, schedule and quick facts. We rarely, if ever, put colored boxes behind the text. However, the page felt bland when I removed the colored boxes. I think it is more of a magazine design, but since that’s where newspaper design is headed, I’m happy to play around with something new (for the Collegian).


Tim Harrower mentioned in his workshop that when you do a cutout of a picture, it makes it feel a little less real. That’s why it’s best to keep the picture whole when you are covering a specific event. I believe this cutout is justified, though, because the context was not interesting nor did it add any value to the picture. It also creates a certain “look” we were going for on the front page. Kudos to Erika for mentioning we do the cutout.

Chunk and Crunch

A term you will hear often when you attend on of Tim’s workshops. Basically it means getting the info out in shorter segments of text. Examples of this are the deck, schedule, and fast facts boxes with each story. I’ve been working for several weeks to find a design I like for the info boxes. Finally, I found one. It’s readable yet different enough from the story so It stands out.

Well, that’s it for now. I’ve got to head off to work soon and then some more writing. This week is just flying by!


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