In Retrospect: A look at four Sunday Newspaper designs

The front pages below are some of the best I found looking through Newseum yesterday. The top and forth front page I’ve listed are my favorites. Which one do you like best?

Number 1: Isn’t this stunning? The image is powerfully conveyed within the number three, which had to be big enough for us to see the detail. Although I do love the bold look, not everything warrants a front page takeover. This newspaper, from Fayetteville, N.C., hopefully understands their audience and made their design choices appropriately. Because the design is so beautifully modern and I believe the content is good, this Sunday newspaper makes it to the top of the list. (I wonder what it looked like in print.)

If Newseum were facebook, these next few would have definitely been “liked” by me.

Number 2: The front page below is nice simply because it’s simple. Deep, I know. The stack of mayoral candidate pictures is a little awkwardly compiled; however, I appreciate how the layout is uncluttered with good use of white space and fonts. Particularly, “Big Spenders” headline is rather eye catching…in a good way.

Number 3: Okay, take a minute and just admire this front page photo (below). Isn’t it beautiful? And the newspaper knew it. Notice how they toned down their masthead and slipped it into the bottom right corner. Pages like this speak volumes about the designers behind the newspaper. It’s taking a big step (in my experience) to design something that falls outside of the “usual” front page design. Imagine how catchy this looked, though, when folks walked by the stacks of newspapers at Walmart? Hey, I’d stop and take a closer look.

Number 4: Next up we have The Huntsville Times with a stunningly simple graphic illustrating the historic  traditions between two rival schools that is being uprooted by over-the-top fans. If you look at the bottom of the page, the headline reads “Pioneering  SEC quarterback leaped obstacles.” Hmmmm. Not a fan of  using “leaped.”

One of Sunday's best front pages.

Well, that’s it for the day, folks. I’ll post again tomorrow reviewing some of the problem pages I found on Sunday. Stay tuned for more!

Note: All these pages were taken from


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