Three reasons why you should attend one of Tim Harrower’s workshops

I’m a big fan of Tim Harrower’s books, but I’ve never actually met the man or been to one of his workshops. So who am I to recommend you to go? Well, I haven’t gone (yet) but Chris Carroll, director of student media at Vanderbilt University and former president of College Media Advisers, Inc., has and speaks highly of Tim and his workshops.

In an e-mail he sent me yesterday, Chris gave three reasons (I’m sure there are more reasons, it’s just that three is such a nice number) why attending one of Tim’s workshops is so valuable. And here they are!

1. Tim is one of the best newspaper designers in the world
“First, he is unquestionably one of the premiere newspaper design gurus in the world.  What impressed me most when I first encountered Tim was that newspaper design for him encompassed so much more than text treatment, grids, color usage, and simply visual elements, but instead focused primarily on the best — and most innovative — practices in journalism.”

2. Tim gears the design and presentation toward the reader
“He is always aware of serving the reader and how design and presentation can best serve the mission of communicating quickly and accurately to the largest audience possible.  The combination of that mindset and his design talent were manifested in his best-selling Newspaper Designer’s Handbook that is used by college students and professionals everywhere.  Some years later, he published Inside Reporting, which is amazingly popular and effective with students because he employed his very reader-centric design and philosophy to create a textbook that is actually a joy to read.”

3. Want a good laugh? Tim’s workshops are fun
“So, finally, what makes him a great instructor is his expertise, presented in a fast and very fun format.  I can guarantee there will be lots of laughs.”

Chris said that over time Tim’s workshops have changed and adapted to the current audiences. But if he had to chose his favorite, Chris said, “it would be his advice and tips on writing for non-readers, which really addresses the challenges we all face in getting the attention of readers in a increasingly fast-paced, distracted world.”

Well, I’m persuaded. Hopefully you’re one of the lucky ones who will be attending Tim’s workshop a week from today (Feb. 26) at Vanderbilt University. And if you are, I’ll see you there!

Here’s Tim at a workshop back in 2006.


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